Part two of our podcast with the inspiring Jude Mills. In this insightful episode Jude talks to us about yoga, spirituality, and religion.

We continue our rich conversation with Jude about how we as Yoga teachers and practitioners can adapt practises to support those living with cancer, as well as the families and loved ones who are supporting them.

We delve deep into what it means to have a spiritual practise, talk about religion and personal faith.  And so much more.

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Jude is an interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor,  NHS hospital chaplain, Yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner, and Master’s student in Public Theology.

She specialises in yoga for people living with cancer and trains yoga teachers and therapists to offer this work. Her book ‘Adapting Yoga for People Living with Cancer’ has just been published by Singing Dragon. She has also just launched her own podcast called ‘Fkd Up By Faith’ in which she has conversations with people who’ve been f****d up by their faith and found hope, healing, reconciliation and forgiveness, in or out of their faith tradition.  Dawn has the honour to be one of Jude’s first guests –  Our conversation with Jude was so far reaching we had to have her back, so stay tuned for a second podcast with Jude coming soon!

Connect with Judith Mills MA, PGCert

Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Teacher & Certified Trainer

Listen to Jude’s podcast, “Fkd Up By Faith”, where she holds conversations with special guests, exploring how they’ve found hope, healing, reconciliation and forgiveness in or out of their faith tradition. In her recent episode 4, she speaks to our co-founder Dawn Lister who shares her fascinating – and sometimes difficult –  story of childhood and adolescence in a Jehovah’s Witness family, about the process of leaving the church, and her long path to healing, wholeness, and forgiveness…

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Podcast reviews:

“Always enlightening and interesting! Good for the soul – friendly, inclusive, informative and caring, like a warm hug from a good friend. What more could you want from a podcast?”

“Fantastic podcast. Wonderful interesting subjects and very enjoyable to listen to.”

“Incredible!!! Spirituality plus real life, sprinkled with a huge dose of love. This podcast will speak to your soul. Raw, authentic and honest. Despite how it’s commercially depicted, yoga isn’t some contortionist act or sweating in a studio. Nor is it a group hippies chanting. Yoga is life. This podcast is an absolute blessing!!”

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