Yoga Inversions Workshop with Terri Walford, Southend-on-Sea

25th January 2020, 2:00pm-4:00pm, £25 per person

Head to the Earth and Feet to the Sky! New Year Inversion workshop with Terri.

What Happens During this Yoga Inversions Workshop

Are you fearful of inversions in class or interested in including some in your daily practice? This is a workshop for you! 

Working through a preparatory sequence to build strength and confidence in order to turn 2020 on its head. From Down Dog (mild inversion) through to Handstand (strong inversion) and all steps in between we will be working to our own edges, staying safe within our own physicality. Some partner work (not compulsory if you are a little shy) and hopefully, lots of fun. 

Terri Walford demonstrating a yoga inversion

This will be an all levels workshop.  The benefits of inversions include among others:  

  • Increases brain activity and decreases stress levels. Inverting uses gravity to increase blood circulation to the brain, heart, and lungs. 
  • Strengthens the body and builds confidence and resiliency. 
  • Promotes healthy skin and fights sickness through boosting the immune system
  • Fosters change and creativity
  • Offers a different perspective of 2020

Please note if you are pregnant, have unmedicated high blood pressure, glaucoma or history or heart disease or stroke this workshop is not suitable for you. Please check with the Anahata Team if you have any questions.

About the Teacher

Terri Walford considers herself a perpetual student of life and yoga. She is continually expanding her knowledge by training with teachers who continue to inspire and educate her.

Terri has recently been given the status of Senior Yoga Teacher by the Yoga Alliance!

photograph of Terri Walford yoga teacher

She has a strong regular personal practise and brings a sense of fun, adventure and freedom to her classes, her class invites you to experience the joy of exploring and challenging your personal limitations, digging deep into your inner reserves and resources.  She strongly believes yoga helps you to achieve a happier healthier life by increasing the circulation of vital life energy throughout the whole body, mind & spirit.