In our last podcast episode of the season, we talk to Nina Zolotow about ageing and the representation of the older generation in Yoga. Nina opened by reading the Epilogue to her book “Yoga for Times of Change: Practices and Meditations for Moving Through Stress, Anxiety, Grief, and Life’s Transitions” and we discussed why change is so challenging for us humans.

Nina Zolotow, RYT500, MFA, is Editor in Chief of the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog as well as a contributing writer and author of Yoga for Times of Change: Practices and Meditations for Moving Through Stress, Anxiety, Grief, and Life’s Transitions, which will be published on June 14, 2022 by Shambhala Publications. She is a long-time yoga writer as well as a long-time yoga practitioner and a certified yoga teacher. Her special areas of expertise are yoga for emotional well-being (including yoga for stress, insomnia, depression, and anxiety) and yoga for healthy aging. She completed the three-year teacher training program at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, California, has studied yoga therapy with Shari Ser and Bonnie Maeda, and is especially influenced by the teachings of Donald Moyer. She has studied extensively with Rodney Yee, and is inspired by the teachings of Patricia Walden on yoga for emotional healing. She has taught workshops and series classes on yoga for emotional well-being, yoga for stress, yoga for better sleep, home practice, cultivating equanimity, and yoga for healthy aging.

Nina is also the co-author with Baxter Bell of Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being and co-author with Rodney Yee of Yoga: The Poetry of the Body and Moving Toward Balance.

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