Yoga for Sports with Terri (hosted online)

Saturdays, 23rd January 2021 – 27th February 2021 5pm-6pm/4pm-5pm, £60 for 6 weeks 

Note: 23rd January session is 5pm-6pm. All subsequent sessions are 4:00pm-5:00pm.

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or took up jogging/cycling/walking during lockdown, a regular yoga practice may just be the perfect cross training method to add to your fitness programme. The physiological and psychological benefits include:

  • Increased range of motion & enhanced muscular relaxation – improves circulation of oxygen and essential nutrients to the muscles
  • Increased flexibility – become energy efficient, requiring less energy to move through the range of motion, improves overall performance
  • Build core strength – supports the spine and helps create stability through the hips
  • Reduced risk of new injuries – improve recovery times, mental focus and body awareness
  • Integration of the mind-body connection – focus & awareness of the breath to stay in the present zone, to perform well, concentrate and preempt burnout and injury.

These six no-nonsense classes will use both traditional and modern yoga poses to restore the range of motion in muscles and joints often overused (shoulders, hips and hamstrings to name a few) and strengthen those often underused (abs, ankles, inner quads to name a few more!). Each one hour class will be a fully rounded practice ending with a short relaxation.

Spaces will be limited to ensure safe social distancing in accordance with government guidelines.

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