Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Workshop at Anahata Yoga Centre, Southend-on-Sea

Sunday 8th March, 11:30am-2:00pm, £30 per person

Anxiety and stress have been adopted as a “normal” factor of our modern lives, however thousands of years ago the ancient Yoga pioneers were developing practices to help with this same conditions. Why has so little changed over time and why now more than ever are we in need of freedom from our anxious minds?

Everyone suffers from mild stress and anxiety from time to time, but chronic stress/anxiety takes a tremendous toll on the body, draining energy resources and keeping the body in a constant state of stress. The effects of anxiety are magnified when we become consistently unbalanced: Physical tension builds in our muscles, our breathing becomes and can remain constricted, and the mind has no rest from the whirling thoughts and feelings.

Yoga helps you to access an inner strength that potentially allows you to face the sometimes-overwhelming fears, frustrations, and challenges of everyday life. Through this two-and-a-half hour workshop we will look at ways to reduce stress in the body, breath, and mind by building coping skills with a small daily routine of exercise, breathing, rest and meditation.

We will learn easy and manageable ways to turn the negative energy of stress and anxiety into something positive which can shape our lives in a rewarding and enriching way.

No prior experience of yoga is necessary.

Meet the Teacher

This course is offered by Daniel Groom who is an experienced, caring and passionate CNHC/IAYT registered Yoga Therapist who specialises in working with clients with physical and emotional conditions. He has studied Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with leading experts and has first has first hand experience of the supportive nature of these practices.

No prior experience of yoga is necessary, and the group size will be limited to twelve.

Important note: These workshops have been designed for those wishing to learn ways in which to decrease anxiety and stress. They are not suitable if you are suffering from severe clinical anxiety. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss before booking.

Reviews of Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Workshop

I feel able to calm my anxious thoughts for the first time in five years, using the skills taught on the course. – Amanda

It has helped so much and has shown me a way to deal with anxiety which is priceless!! – James

A public thank you for a fantastic course where your honesty and humility regarding your own journey allowed all of us to immediately feel you were ‘one of us’ but, importantly. A triumphant survivor in the face of anxiety. I am glad to have had all the worries, panic attacks, OCD and all the other uglies of anxiety as it has ultimately brought me to your class, to yoga, to a better understanding of myself and how I might go forward in life how it might help the children I work with and also to meeting other kindred spirits on similar journeys. – Clare