Yoga and Sound Healing Workshop,

£30 per person

We are delighted to bring together Daniel and Rachael for an afternoon of Yoga and Sound Healing at Anahata. This is a unique workshop with 2 highly experienced therapists.

Please note this workshop requires you to be able to get up and down from the floor without additional assistance. The Sound element is not recommended for anyone with a Heart Pacemaker, Pregnant people, consideration will be given to anyone with metal pins/joint replacements. Please do let us know if you have any questions.

Cost of this workshop is £30 per person. It’s likely to fill very quickly so we would encourage you book ahead.

image of a gong in Anahata Yoga Centre
image of a gong in Anahata Yoga Centre

What Happens During the Gong Bath?

During the session Daniel will lead the first hour which will be focused on following the Chakra Energy Centres through the body. Using easy to access postures and breathwork, our intention will be to facilitate the opening and release of potential bloackages in these areas. While this is happening Rachael will be playing 7 Crystal Singing Bowls which co-ordinate with the Chakra centre we are focusing on.

Rachael will then take over the proceedings and will play her Venus gong. Venus’s comforting tone and vibration is gentle and nurturing. She (Venus) will bathe you in unconditional love whilst bringing balance and connection with ones self.

Promoting all aspects of relationships, she will help you to mentally declutter your mind enabling you to work through emotions of the heart – giving you confidence and clarity to make any necessary changes.




Daniel Groom (he/him)

Daniel Groom (he/him)

Daniel Groom is a talented and experienced yoga teacher and C-IAYT and CNHC registered yoga therapist, who has been practising a wide range of yoga styles since the year 2000.

He has studied Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with leading experts and has had first-hand experience of the supportive nature of these practices. Daniel’s mindful approach is caring, authentic and inclusive.

He has great passion in sharing his knowledge with students and believes whole heartedly Yoga can help people to achieve their ultimate life desires. He also offers support mentoring new and established Yoga Teachers and is a Supervisor on the Yoga Campus Yoga Therapy Diploma. Daniel is dedicated to continuing his studies with mentor Lisa Kaley Isley.

Daniel founded the Southend LGBT+ Yoga and Wellbeing Group in association with Southend-on-Sea Pride which offers a monthly get together for LGBTQIA+ people and is active in the promotion of LGBTQIA+ rights in the UK.

Rachael Edgley (she/her)

Rachael Edgley (she/her)

As a qualified Sound Healing Practitioner and Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Rachael has over 16 years experience as an intuitive healing facilitator.

She is passionate about raising her clients inner vibrations, improving energy flow and circulation – so that they can experience optimum wellness within a safe and sacred space.

Specialising in Sound Healing Therapy, Rachael infuses sound and vibration into all of her holistic therapies. She holds regular group Sound and Gong Baths and Angelic Meditations – as well as private 1:1 Sound/Gong Baths. As a clairsentient being working from her heart, Rachael tunes in well to her clients needs and is able to support them through her sound and healing skills – to bring about a sense of peace, calm and clarity.


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