Welcome to our blog series ‘Words from Our Community’, in which we talk to you, the members of the Anahata community. This week we hear from Ruth Mortimer, who joined Anahata after experiencing ill health.

About Ruth

  • Name: Ruth
  • Age: 38
  • Practice Years: I’ve dabbled on and off for 6 years, found Anahata last year when it opened.

Why did you start Yoga?

I came to Anahata following a critical illness that left me shaky of mind and body. After a couple of private yoga therapy sessions with Daniel, I joined his group classes. Wanting to restore movement in my body in a gentle mindful way, I thought yoga would be the key.

How Has Yoga Helped You?

I had no idea just how much yoga would help me. My original intent had been purely physical objectives, and yet it became clear very quickly that yoga was releasing emotions and rebuilding the connection between my mind and body that had been shaken ever since I had found myself so ill.

In the past yoga had always seemed to be about achieving a pose and correct alignment, checking in with a mirror and comparing my inflexibility to the other pros around me. This was not the case at Anahata, without mirrors and with choices, I found myself moving as I needed to, listening to my body and breath. Often closing my eyes in classes and simply feeling what was needed, it felt like relief and release. I was beginning to trust my body again and hear it clearly. I found myself craving yoga stretches in the morning at home, and began my own simple practice.

It stopped being about achieving, and instead became about listening and breathing and awareness. It has helped me heal. Not only that but the language and approach used by the teachers made me more mindful of my own approach in all other aspects of my daily life, and has been a big part of my personal journey.

Favourite Style or Class?

I particularly enjoyed restorative yoga and yin yoga, giving space and time for my body.

Any Advice for a Beginner or Returnee?

Trust yourself and have fun exploring what feels right.

Any Final Words?

I’m really grateful to Anahata and the teachers whose language and kindness has taught me a lot and whose compassion radiates out through each of their classes. I don’t attend regularly but I take all the lessons home and relish them in my own time. Thank you.

You can find information about Ruth’s fantastic nature therapy courses, including forest bathing, on her Forest Clouds Nature Therapy Facebook and Instagram pages.

Are you a member of the Anahata community with a story to share about how yoga, Pilates or mindfulness has changed your life? Email us at anahata.leighonsea@gmail.com – we’d love to hear from you! You can see a list of upcoming events at Anahata here.