Rebecca’s daughter was recommended to try a Pilates class for her health and Rebecca went ‘along for the ride’. In today’s post, Rebecca explains how they both got on…

My daughter returned from uni last year having suffered from pneumonia and was diagnosed with scoliosis. She was at rock bottom, a shadow of the confident young woman I left at uni months before. Her consultation suggested Pilates.  I knew nothing about Pilates and it benefits and was extremely sceptical. I contacted Anahata studio, I was given loads of information and it was suggested to book a class and see what I thought. So I did, I booked for myself and my daughter. I still couldn’t see how a few stretches was going to help, but we went. 

That class was the turning point… my daughter came out and said mum it feels slightly better. I was amazed, we booked some more lessons and the rest is history .

woman doing Pilates on mat in studio

I went along for the ride but feel better in myself, my posture has radically improved and my core strength, well I now have a core! My daughter has gone from strength to strength. She has her confidence back , she had found something she can do and it helps her back . She now is the confident young woman I left at uni. So a massive thank you to Katy and more recently Dawn , the work and patience you’ve put in to my daughter has made a massive impact. So thank you.

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woman doing Pilates pose on a mat