Ellen Lee has been exploring Yoga for some 45 years and has been teaching for the last 28 years. Ellen trained with The Yoga For Health Foundation in general and remedial Yoga. The Foundations’ ethos was “Yoga for all”. Ellen has been The Chair of The Independent Yoga Network for several years now, an organisation that she is very passionate about, and we were delighted to be in conversation with her to discuss how the pandemic has created change for the yoga world and how the Independent Yoga Network are continuously looking at ways to help the industry come away from incorrect or stereotypical offerings, bringing a more positive change to how the practise is portrayed and taught.

It’s been a challenging time for yoga teachers and students during the pandemic, having to practise online.

We discuss how Yoga metaphorically unravels knots, allowing us to create space for new energy and growth.  Holding energy from unresolved trauma, both physical and emotional gets in the way of living our life to the fullest.  Ellen discusses how yoga isn’t just a physical practise, it’s not about being fit or lean, rather it holds space for everyone of all abilities to nurture themselves from inside out, to connect with themselves from an emotional place and to practise a form of self care that is unparalleled.

Ellen is passionate about the future of yoga teaching around the world and is interested to see what emerges from this year’s pandemic and what changes may arise from the time we have had to pause and reflect.  We are thrilled to have discussed the ethos behind the Independent Yoga Network and her relationship with her yoga practise. This episode provides reassurance, emotion and a perspective that will provide comfort to anyone, regardless of where they are on their yoga journey.

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