Grief is the subject of our second episode from @from_the_heart_podcast. 🙏🏼

We have all experienced grief in our life, the loss of a loved one, a pet, a job, a relationship. And then there is collective grief, the grief we are feeling right now around how our whole world is changing due the unique circumstances we are living in with Covid-19 and how that affects us as a community, a society.

Join @dawnlisterlos and @danielgroomyoga in conversation with Dipti Solanki (@diptigriefcoachhomeopath), a grief coach, to discuss why the grieving process is important, how we can support ourselves and each other as we walk through the challenges that grief presents.

Dipti Solanki isn’t afraid to sit with her own or other people’s discomfort. As a homeopath, life and grief coach, she walks alongside women who are no longer willing to live lives of resentment, tense relationships, deep sorrow, frustrated ambition and hollow friendships. Instead, Dipti guides them through a deep #healing process that clears out the stagnant grief that keeps them stuck, and shows them the amazing potential that each day holds.

Dipti was devastated by grief early in her own life. Like many people, she thought she was “fine” until persistent depression and severe anxiety took over. The process that Dipti takes her clients through mirrors what she experienced, which is why she’s so committed to spreading the message that positive change and healing ARE possible. When Dipti learned that her unresolved grief was keeping her from meaningful relationships, living her truth and feeling true happiness, she dedicated her life to helping women clear out the sludge of old emotional wounds and live life beyond their wildest imaginings. Her clients have never looked back, and neither has she.

Dipti Solanki is a qualified Grief & Life Coach, registered Homeopath and lectures at the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy.

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