I love art. Like I mean i really really love art. I feel it in my bones. Drawing painting clay. Words. Poetry. Writing. Daydreaming. Any kind of creative process. 

So when Covid came and we were all locked down I decided to make use of my time doing something for me. 

This hasn’t always been an easy thing to do. I am certified card carrying workaholic. 

Suddenly not only was I ill. I had covid. Not bad enough for hospitals and ambulances. But bad enough to be still feeling tired 10 weeks on. 

So i decided to turn my garden treatment room i use an overspill for the therapy centre on leigh broadway into a den for me. 

Paints. Paper. Canvas. Brushes. Pallette knives. Big old deak for writing and thinking. 

A massive treat of a delicious chair courtesy of scape on leigh broadway. 

And off i tottled.

It’s heaven. 

My ritual when I paint or draw is to pour a good red. 

Loving the low sulphate reds from vino vera on leigh road. I don’t get a head the next day! 

Then I tune into a @russellbrand podcast. Really enjoying Russel Brand under the skin at the mo. Lay out the paints and let inspiration run havoc. 

Tonight I began a new painting which needs a much bigger canvas but was heaven to begin. 

What did you remember about yourself or what did you learn about yourself during these unusual times. I’d love to hear and see your projects.