Well Woman Yoga Workshop

Each month this Women’s Yoga Workshop will be hosted by Samantha McGuire. Creating a space for healing, support and community.
Samantha advocates the power of yoga to optimise women’s health,vitality and wellbeing physically, emotionally and mentally. She shares her practice to support and celebrate women moving through every cycle of life and thus offers an understanding of menstrual  cycles, fertility, sub fertility, sexuality, creativity, pregnancy, post-natal healing, peri-menopause, menopause.
This workshop will include asana(postures), pranayama(breathwork),mudras (symbolic gestures), mantra(positive affirmation), bandha(energy seals), deep relaxation and meditation. Each practice honours and respects the feminine energy, seeking always to nurture and nourish.
Samantha warmly welcomes Yoginis of all ages at any stage of life. So join your daughters, mothers, sisters and together we support and strengthen, setting free our Shakti power!

Investment  £20


“Just wanted to say what a lovely space Anahata is. I loved the feel and energy of the studio. Really enjoyed Sam’s well woman workshop, I left feeling grounded and confident in my sense of self. The affirmation cards, flowers and chocolates/strawberries was a lovely touch. And I felt part of a community, as we had tea afterwards. “