Like all businesses, Anahata has been hugely affected as a result of two years of Covid and the rising costs related to running a business. It has become necessary for us to make some tough choices to enable us to continue doing the work we love so much, as well as supporting our community of teachers and clients.

On June 5th 2022, Anahata will be leaving the current London Road premises and moving the studio to a new venue “The Dawn Lister Therapy Centre” (DLTC) at 3 Church Hill Leigh On Sea SS9 2DE.

Obviously, this is a huge change which Dawn and Daniel are coordinating.

We are both hugely sad to leave the space we lovingly created together, which has nurtured an amazing community of people. But are feeling optimistic about the new venue which is situated in the heart of Leigh On Sea.

The beautiful studio overlooks library gardens, and sits directly opposite St Clements Church. A truly beautiful spot. When we move our class numbers at DLTC will be between 8-10, depending on the type of class on offer. So please be sure to book in to ensure you can attend your favourite class.

We really hope you can come with us and continue to support yoga, pilates and workshops we love to host.

Changes happening from 1st of June…

* Reduced £5 drop in offer – will cease from 1st June.

* 2 week Introductory Offer will cease from 1st June – however those purchased can still be used.

* Monthly memberships are being stopped. The last month you will be able to purchase these will be in May 2022 which will be active for the usual 30 days. Once your membership has stopped you can buy a pass which will be valid in the London Road centre and will transfer to the DLTC centre. We will contact each person with the Monthly Membership with full details of the options and end dates.

* Some classes will be removed from the timetable with prior agreement and discussion with the teacher. A public notification will be made so all are aware.

* Should you have a previously purchased 4/8/12 class pass this will continue to be valid at London Road and the new DLTC centre classes until 31st December 2022.

* Any Gift Vouchers which have not been used will still be available to purchase a class pass, course, or workshop.

* Workshop/courses organised by Anahata will be continuing to run at DLTC once we have moved. Please keep an eye out for notifications of the venue details in your welcome emails.

* We are continuing to use the MindBody Online booking system via the APP or our Anahata Website for the foreseeable future.

* Bookings through the online platform “ClassPass” will cease from 1st June 2022.

* A strict 24 hour cancellation policy will be in force for all classes, with reduced numbers we will have to be firm with this policy to enable the teachers and the business to continue.

We both wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the new venue. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, however please bear in mind we are a small team so our response may take time to come back to you.

Best wishes,
Dawn and Daniel