Sadly it appears there is no extra support being put in place for people struggling with mental health. And lets be frank many, many people are right now.

There are things we can do to help ourselves…

MOVE daily, find a type of exercise you like walking, tai chi, yoga, running anything but move.

EAT WELL bad food load the body with toxins which makes us sluggish and more likely to mood swings.

CUT OUT OR CUT BACK on alcohol, contrary to all the jokes all over the internet that dry January is cancelled (and i do get the joke) its actually a depressant.

REACH OUT TO FRIENDS talk to people who uplift you and uplift them.

PERFORM A KIND ACT helping others releases the feel good hormone oxytocin.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE you do have things to grateful for, warm home, food in your belly, friendships, intelligence, humour, family, find things you feel grateful for and think about them maybe write it down. Do this for at least 20 seconds at a time.

BE KIND to yourself and others, what you do changes how you feel.

DO NOT HAVE THE NEWS ON 24/7 read or listen to something positive and or funny.

STAY PRESENT projecting into an unknown future creates anxiety.

RIGHT NOW is where we live in this moment in this breath BE THERE.

TAKE UP A NEW HOBBY meditation, drawing, baking, writing poetry. Find something different to do to engage your creativity.

For support reach out to us ANAHATA we are running regular classesworkshops and courses designed to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Classes are as little as £5 or those in need or front line workers. You are not alone we are listening. Lets have this conversation and start really talking and DOING something about the challenges of poor mental health.