Learn to use the singing bowls to offer healing to yourself and others.

A Workshop with Liz and Doug Horn.

Workshop September 24th

10am – 2pm

Cost: £50

The Himalayan singing bowls have long been used as an aid to meditation and healing. Among the many benefits, the powerful sounds and vibrations created by the bowls resonating through the entire body, easing muscle tensions, releasing deep held stresses, rebalancing the self and bringing about a deeper sense of inner peace.

This Singing Bowl Workshop is suitable for all ages.


Brief History of Himalayan Bowls 

During the workshop we will be learning about the different types of Bowls, their Origin and Purpose. 

There will be a group activity-using various bowls & strikers and ways of holding the different bowls. 

You will learn how to  use various techniques to play the Bowls. 

There will be an exploration on the effect of the Bowls on the Human Body. How the vibrations, and hertz of each bowl can affect the body.

You will have the opportunity to give a Singing Bowl Treatment. 

The course is open to 10 students who will  work together in pairs – one receiving the other giving the Singing Bowl treatment, which takes approximately an hour.  

To close the session short meditation Doug and Liz will play singing bowls. While you have the opportunity to relax.

There will be a short break for a beverage and your comfort. 

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