Shamanic Journeying Workshop with Lucy Sam, Southend-on-Sea

7th March 2020, 1:30pm-4:00pm, £35 per person

A theoretical introduction and practical experience into shamanic journeying using the resonance of the drum.

What Happens in this Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Shamans use the power of drumming to alter their state of consciousness. The purpose of this is to connect with their spiritual guidance, to receive information in relation to healing themselves and others.

In this workshop you will be given an introduction to shamanism and learn how to journey to receive guidance in answer to questions you have in your life. Lucy will guide you on this journey through the resonance of the drum she made in sacred ceremony. There will be time to reflect on and delve deeper into your journey experience. If you do not wish to journey you can just lie down, relax and benefit from the healing resonance of the drum.

For those who have some understanding of shamanic journeying we will journey to the lower world to connect with our power animal. If you have not heard of these terms before there is no need to be concerned. The introduction will explain this in detail and provide you with the context and framework for the journeying experience.

This is an inclusive event for everyone. It is an introductory workshop for those interested in learning more about shamanism and shamanic journeying and how to use this technique at home. It is also for those with some shamanic journeying experience who would like to recap, or have someone else drum whilst they journey. Please get in touch if you have any medical conditions or concerns that might impact on your ability to participate in the workshop.

Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Lucy will guide you on a theoretical and exploratory series of energy healing and spirituality workshops. These workshops are aimed at increasing your understanding and experience of healing and spiritual practices. The workshops aim to provide you with a safe space to explore these practices, whilst benefiting from their healing potential as well as the positive energy from being in a supportive group.

About the Teacher

Lucy is an experienced transpersonal therapist, transformational coach, energy healer, shamanic drum practitioner and private yoga teacher. Over the last 20 years, Lucy has dedicated her time to studying and travelling extensively to pursue her love of yoga, holistic, wellbeing and spiritual practices. Lucy believes in the transformational and healing benefits of these practices and is passionate about supporting others on their journey.

Lucy Sam picture

Lucy believes that we are all individual and unique and that different practices and techniques help different people according to their nature and needs at the time. Lucy provides safe, nurturing, non-judgemental spaces for people to explore their feelings, emotions, spirituality, practical and physical challenges. Lucy supports people working on areas in their life that are where they are experiencing challenge, discomfort, concern or worry. Lucy achieves this through one to one private and small group sessions, training, workshops and events.

Lucy holds the following qualifications: MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, BA Hons Informal Education (Youth Work, Community Learning & Development), Transformative Coaching Diploma, Reiki Master, BTEC Mentoring, Solution Focused Therapy, Yoga Alliance Teacher, ITEC Holistic Massage, ITEC Indian Head Massage, Yoga Bugs Teacher.