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From The Heart Podcast Dawn - Episode 5 - introduction

Creating conversation with the earth with Dawn Lister and Angela Carroll-Wallace

In this episode we welcome our first guest to season 5, Angela Carroll-Wallace, a Land Artist, Photographer, Maker and Creative.

We hold an inspiring conversation about our connection to the earth. How our disconnection is symbolic of how disconnected we can be as a society. Through her journey into the landscapes of Canada, Angela co-creates works in harmony with the environment she is sharing space with. Her work is a beautiful invitation and a creative solution that offers us an opportunity to repair our connection to the earth, and in turn heal ourselves and our communities.

Angela Carroll-Wallace is a Canadian Land Artist whose creative practice is informed by her mindfulness-based connection with her co-creator, Mother Nature. An avid wonderer and daydreaming artist, she has held many roles that contribute to her worldview and personal expression, from photographer and studio owner to an expressive arts therapist and arts based workshop and retreat facilitator. Shortly before the world retreated in 2020, Angela experienced the need to leave a thriving studio and practice in the city and return to the forest to find healing and inspiration.

Having worked closely with nature as part of her varied art experiences over the years, this relationship became both balm and primary focus of her work as an artist experiencing anxiety, loss and burn out. Land Art, sometimes called Earth Art or Environmental Art, is an art movement that became more recognised with the social disruptions of the 1960’s as a way to distill the process of making art from the establishment of a hierarchical gallery, market system.  Artists such as Nancy Holt, Nils-Udo, Agnes Denes, Maya Lin, Walter de Maria and Andy Goldsworthy among many others have informed and inspired Angela’s work.

In our time it has held onto this “otherness” in the art world and has also become more entwined with the modern need for connections between the human world we have created, and the natural world that is always in a state of creation and change. ‘Listening to the Mother’ completed in a forest on the Pacific North West coast of Canada was a year long land art project consisting of 12 site specific installations/sculptures.

Focusing on themes of co-creation, ephemerality and deep mindful listening, this project has gained notice from local hikers, social media and is the focus of upcoming photographic exhibitions in 2024 and 25. Angela continues to create with nature’s materials in her home studio during inclement weather, and in and with natural landscapes around British Columbia whenever possible. Her fieldguide/journal book, Connections Through The Art of Nature, will hopefully be available this fall.

You can learn more about Angela and her work on her website: or find her on Instagram: @acw_artist

TikTok: @acw_artist

Facebook: A. Carroll-Wallace Art Studio

YouTube: A. Carroll-Wallace Arts



From The Heart is a podcast from Dawn Lister, co-owner of the Dawn Lister Therapy Centre and owner of Anahata Wellbeing Centre, both in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK.

This podcast series brings together inspiring people to have deep, profound and meaningful conversations about topical and relevant subjects that matter. With a focus on Spirituality, they share their stories, knowledge, experiences and insights with us through light hearted, kind and honest conversations.

Dawn Lister  (she/her) is a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Massage Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. A creator of courses and workshops as well as a retreat leader, Dawn has run retreats for 26 years and is renowned for her light touch, humour and grounded approach to spirituality. She has worked in the field of complementary therapies for 28 years.

Dawn is a firm believer in the power of the connection, the need we all have to feel heard and seen. She loves finding new ways to help us connect with mother earth, each other, our voice and our collective connection as a source for love and healing in the world.

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