season 3


Yoga, trauma and wellbeing with Dawn Lister, Daniel Groom and Aneta Idczak

In this episode we talk to Aneta Idczak, an experienced Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodiment Teacher about how yoga teachers need to become aware of the levels of trauma people in their classes may be experiencing and to understand ways to hold a class that does not retraumatise the students and the power of a therapeutic yoga practise a tool for healing and support. We discussed “what is safety”, we looked at what consent means within a class structure and the importance of staying curious and open both as a teacher and a student.
We also spoke about the importance of working through our own trauma and wellbeing – “If your practice has become your teaching you are out of balance.”
Aneta also spoke about being Polish and how wonderful the Polish people have been opening their arms to the Ukrainian refugees – a true sign of compassion.

Aneta, Daniel and Dawn were deeply moved by the importance of community as a healing tool and model for our world going forward.  Gone are the days of the GURU’s and the commercialisation of yoga, a new world is emerging post covid. In a world that feels volatile and unstable community and kindness, a deeper understanding of the need for trauma sensitive work within our communities that include people who do not practise yoga, therapists, body workers, and others who can support creates a world that is open to the possibility of change and greater love and wisdom.

We loved our chat with Aneta and felt we had so much more to talk about.

Aneta Idczak is an experienced Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodiment Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Yoga Business Mentor, as well as Somatic Coach, BSE and Focusing Practitioner and Bodyworker; She is a Founder of Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute providing accredited Trauma-informed Yoga and Embodied Resilience Teacher Training and Mentoring (TREY), and various CPDs on Somatics and Trauma-informed Yoga.

Aneta works with needs-led integrative approach drawing on three decades of studying various psychological, therapeutic and body-focused modalities, and her approach is further influenced by over two decades of working in Social Care and in community with Trauma, Mental Health, Addiction, DV and child protection issues, and training and supervising front line workers.

You can find information about Aneta’s training and mentoring programmes including 80-Hr Trauma-informed Yoga and Embodied Resilience Teacher Training and Mentoring at

You are also invited to join Aneta’s community FB group called Trauma-Informed Yoga and Embodied Resilience for Social Impact – for weekly live trainings and interviews, resources and support.