season 3


Yoga, Social Activism,
Accessibility and Grief

In this inspiring new podcast episode we speak to Reggie Hubbard, a Yoga Activist, teacher and citizen of the world.
In this honest and relevant conversation, we talk about yoga, social activism, accessibility and being “part of the community” as a way to create connection, change and build bridges.  
We also discussed grief, the importance of holding space and making time to grieve within the community and how Reggie realised at the passing of a man he called brother the need to be in community to grieve. He has gone on to offer this space as service to others. 
In addition to his yoga teaching practice, Reggie has held many senior strategic and logistical roles across a variety of fields, ranging from global marketing, digital and community organising, government relations, international education to Presidential campaigning. 
Reggie’s life work sits at the intersection of bringing more peace and balance to activists, guiding the wellness community toward being more engaged, concerned citizens and enhancing the well-being of all walks of life.  Achieving this balance is how we catalyze transformative change in our society, which we are desperately in need of at this moment.
Reggie is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and the founder/chief serving officer of Active Peace Yoga. His yoga and meditation practice have served as a sanctuary of peace and perspective while navigating the stresses of being a black man in the world and serving in pressure-filled jobs at the height of politics. He began practicing yoga under extreme emotional distress at work and now freely shares his peace and practice to all walks of life.
Through Active Peace Yoga, he offers asana and meditation classes to help others nurture peace of mind, creativity, equanimity in spirit and physical health – helping people nurture well-being as foundational, rather than an afterthought.  Reggie has taught Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, leading progressive organisations and individuals from all walks of life – simple tools for managing stress and bringing peace to mind, body and spirit.  
Connect with Reggie at @oreggieglobal and @activepeaceyoga and find out more at