Revealing the Wild Woman Within

Revealing the Wild Woman Within

A one year monthly course with Dawn Lister and Emily Morris. 



Monthly membership, includes access to recordings and Whatsapp community: £45

Annual membership, includes same as monthly membership:
£480 (with a saving of £60 for prepayment)

Drop in (single session):
£65 (if space available)

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Our one year course explores our places within the archetypes of maiden, mother, crone. We uncover our personal, ancestral and collective wounds and through the therapeutic practices of deep listening, story telling, journaling, movement, sound, sharing, and compassionate listening, yin yoga, poetry.  Together we reclaim our voices, express our truths and learn and grow from the stories of our collective pasts.

On our journey we meet and acknowledge the power of our shadow selves, the parts we deem unacceptable, unpalatable, that we may have hidden to ensure our place in society, our family, our relationships. This course explores our shadow and the power that it holds within it.

Beginning February 2023 we gather monthly for one year to support each other as we reclaim the wild woman within, growing a tribe of women who have reclaimed their roar.

Best For:

Are you a woman who feels ready to throw off the constraints imposed upon you and live your life authentically, unapologetically and with freedom from shame.


Emily Morris (she/her)

Emily Morris (she/her)

Having worked in the corporate world experiencing stress and burnout Emily knew she had to find a way of looking after her mental and physical health. 

Emily was drawn to yoga for this very reason. Since this point, over a decade ago, she has been on a journey of deep healing and self discovery. 

Moving out of living her life as a people pleaser, unable to make or commit to her own decisions and allowing other people to control and influence what she did. 

Moving into a space of independence, freedom and confidence in who she is and trusting in her own choices. 

Yoga, pilates, free movement, breathwork, meditation and self development work are her anchors to coming home to herself. 

Her safe space from which to heal. 

Her cocoon from which to discover and transform.

Her passion is to hold open the door for others to rediscover what it is to be truly, authentically you. 

Dawn Lister (she/her)

Dawn Lister (she/her)

Dawn has worked in the field of complementary therapies for 28 years beginning her career teaching yoga and meditation before expanding her expertise to include clinical hypnotherapy, massage and cranial sacral therapy.

She strongly believes in the power of connection. The coming together of women as allies. Finding and using your voice, feeling heard and seen, experiencing the freedom and safety to express yourself without shame, or fear of being shut down or gaslit.

Her work offers a space for people to explore and express and the parts of themselves that have been left behind in an attempt to fit in, and feel safe, loved and good enough. And through their own healing, healing the ancestral line that carries forward the trauma’s of our family stories and freeing ourselves from the cage of being “the good girl.”

Dawn leads therapeutic retreats in the UK and Abroad.

She is one of the partners at The Dawn Lister Therapy Centre and a partner at Anahata Yoga Centre.

She also co – hosts “From The Heart” podcast.


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