Pregnancy is a wonderful time in an expectant person’s life, after all you are bringing a new being into this world.

Our busy schedules can give us less opportunity to rest, nourish, make space and time to really look after your changing body, your emotions and most importantly your baby.

Taking care of yourselves and your wellbeing is key in order to take care of others, in particular your growing baby.

Our pregnancy yoga classes walk you through those changes in a supportive, kind and thoughtful way. Each week will include breathwork, gentle restorative asana, deep rest, and a supportive community to share thoughts and experiences. Make friends and new connections as you embark on a new and exciting parenting journey together.

What to expect:

Hosted by Clare Finch (

Clients must be over 15 weeks pregnant to attend classes.

This class is LGBTQ+ inclusive and welcomes all pregnant people.

Every Saturday, 10.45am-11.45am.

Suitable from 15 weeks weeks pregnancy.

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