Plant-based food that makes you feel good

In this episode, Chef Cynthia Louise talks about food. Plant-based food that makes you Feel GOOD.

She won’t talk diet. She won’t talk macronutrients. She talks about real food. Just like nature intended. “And if it doesn’t have flavor it can F-off!”

Chef Cynthia comes with a side of personality and a large dose of passion. She’s also:

– the bestselling author of 7 recipe books (including 3 books with biochemist Dr Libby Weaver)

– star of 2 cooking shows on Gaia TV and FMTV

– partner of a global restaurant chain with serial entrepreneur Roger Hamilton

– served hundreds of people on stage and at retreats with Heal Thy Self

– created her own range of gut-healing food products, colon cleanse loaf and online cooking classes.

She’s an exciting and charismatic public speaker who has toured Australia and SE Asia for the past decade. Thousands of people live healthy, pain free, abundant lives and swear by her meals. Now she’s put this book together so you can join the revolution…