Sound Medicine

In our latest podcast episode, join Dawn and Daniel in conversation with Maria Nayler, world renowned singer/songwriter, voice coach and sound therapist, to discuss sound therapy and how you can heal, support and balance your own personal vibration – we are all made up of energy, vibrations!

Voice is the essence of us, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Using sound vibration we can unblock stuck energy, build energy, improve energetic flow, health, mood. Similarly, sound therapy can be grounding, helping to process and release mental and physical trauma. Sound can heal and balance us.

Maria Nayler seamlessly blends her vast toolkit of sound medicine, drawn from decades of working with the voice as a tool for healing, sound therapy and her time spent studying in the rainforests of Peru with medicine men and women who use sound as a proven tool for healing. Additionally, Maria studied at the British Academy of Sound Therapy at Chichester University, qualifying for her Higher Practitioners Diploma.