Yoga and Addiction with Dawn Lister, Daniel Groom and Lisa Horwell.

In our last episode of the series, we talk to Lisa Horwell about how she found yoga to help her in her recovery. Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing and Gongs are a huge part of her offering and we discuss about how these practises can be used in healing and addiction recovery.

The pandemic has been a time of significant change and many people have found themselves turning to their addictions for support through this time. If someone is in need of help with their addictive behaviour, Lisa offers yoga therapy for addiction and sound healing, She works in addiction/recovery rehabs every week and offers 1-1 sessions via zoom.

About Lisa Horwell

Lisa refers to herself as a Grateful Yogi, a Sober Witch and a Gong Goddess. Her yoga journey started in 1995 when she was in the grips of PTSD.
Her first class allowed her to experience deep healing, realising she needed a regular practise in her life.

She studied the BWY teaching diploma, then the Pregnancy module with Wendy teasdill. She has been teaching community group classes/ pregnancy/ post natal / children’s yoga in schools and furthered her studies at Yogacampus, as a qualified C-IAYT yoga therapist.

Lisa teaches ‘yoga therapy for addictions ‘ to trainee yoga therapists and with Nikki Meyer is becoming a Y12SR leader in ‘yoga for addictions’.

Lisa is also a sound healer, after studying with gong master Don Conreaux and offers both yoga therapy and sound healing on a 1-1 basis or in small groups.

She also works in addiction/recovery rehabs every week and offers 1-1 sessions via zoom.

Lisa owns a yoga retreat in Brittany, France called Grateful Retreat and hosts sacred ceremonies and rituals in alignment with the goddess!

Contact Lisa Horwell on email at Gratefulyogi@me.com

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In this episode we mention and recommend podcasts from Russell Brand, DJ Fat Tony, Joan Halifax and Rod Stryker.