Healthcare Inclusivity

Healthcare Inclusivity with Zahra Khan, Dawn Lister and Daniel Groom.

In this episode we speak to Zahra Khan, a medical degree student and an keen advocate of Women’s Health, discrimination and social acceptance. Social acceptance can be defined as tolerating the differences and diversity in others because most people attempt to look and act like others do in order to fit in.

Zahra is passionate about understanding the way women’s health is delivered in a society shaped by gender, race, culture, sexuality, religion, class, disability and citizenship status.

People are often pigeon holed into ‘neat’ categories, which are based on old patriarchal systems designed to create dominance and control over CIS and Trans women.

This system of oppressive hierarchy erases the multifaceted individuality of each individual, their emotional, physical, psychological, sexual and spiritual needs. Ultimately making the world a smaller and less interesting place for us all.