Parenting Mental Health

In conversation with Suzanne Alderson, in this bonus podcast episode we discuss how Suzanne’s traumatic ordeal with her suicidal daughter led her to launching a community, now a registered charity, called Parenting Mental Health

When her 14 year old daughter became suicidal in 2015, following a period of sustained bullying, Suzanne found herself in a desperate place, facing an uncertain future with little support and even less understanding. While her daughter was immediately wrapped in professional care, Suzanne found that there was no support available to help her or her husband make sense of the situation and give their child the best kind of care.

One night on suicide watch, she decided if she ever got through this time, she would ensure no other family had to go through this alone. In 2016, as her daughter improved, she set up a Facebook group to try and help other families facing their child’s mental illness.