Here, Rachael Edgley from Vibrational Therapies explains the Chiron gong.

The planet Chiron was first discovered in November 1977.  Although it is a minor planet, it is the connecting point between the structured Saturn – which governs our Root chakra and the unpredictable Uranus – which governs our Crown. In Astrology, the Chiron affects all aspects of wellness – our physical, mental, emotions and spirituality. It strives to bring new ideas into existing structures or to bring some structure to innovate ideas.

The newly discovered planet was called Chiron after a Mythic Wounded healer – a Centaur, half horse and half human – who wounded his leg and then pursued healing to restore himself.   Chiron was the wisest of all Centaurs, with his nurturing nature he was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine. 

The Chiron gong, is a planetary gong – which means it is tuned to the frequencies of the stars, constellations and planets in our solar system (also known as celestial bodies). This specific Gong is also referred to as the ‘Wounded Healer’ after the Centaur and his arduous, emotional and physical journey to seek healing.

When being engulfed by the sounds of a planetary gong, the recipient can experience the energy of these planets and stars through the vibrations that the gong creates and when played with intention, planetary gongs open us up to possibilities for spiritual and emotional healing. 

The Chiron has very distinctive tuning. The pitch is D# – the Sacral, but it is also tuned to the Third Eye and Throat Chakra.  Despite being more focussed on these particular energy centres, the tones and vibrations will alter and change to suit your needs – depending on where you are physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The sound and vibration will always flow where it needs to go and after all, the planet Chiron represents all aspects of ‘Wellness’. 

The nurturing nature of Chiron and his frequency will allow you to access your deepest wounds and traumas, so that you may move forward with strength, compassion and wisdom.  Like the wounded healer himself, seeking to heal himself, the vibration and frequency of the gong will help you find a way through pain and any turmoil. 

The Chirons vibration and tuning will work to balance your Sacral, which supports relationships, emotions, creativity and expressing your needs. Third Eye healing and clearing will enable you to solve problems, to see situations more clearly, often from a high perspective – so that you have greater clarity. It will open your mind to your hidden gifts and talents and to focus on the good in your life. It will help to enhance communication in all areas of your life.

a chiron gong

The tones and sounds of the Chiron are deep yet rhythmic.  It quietens the mind of chatter and reboots the nervous system – allowing you to let go of stress, worries, anxieties, doubts, fears and feelings that may have a negative effect on your health.  As you become your own healer you will naturally relax into a state of harmony and bliss.

Often, even without noticing the release, change and transition will take place at a cellular level too. This is because the vibrations encourage a multi-layered detoxification to take place across your four body system (of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual). 

We are not always aware of what needs to be released or that what needs to be acknowledged, but any ‘toxins’ that have made their way into the cellular memory of your body will pass with ease and generally with little disturbance. This also includes letting go of any karmic traumas that we have inherited from our loved ones and ancestors. 

Existing cells with your body are nourished and oxygenated in order to encourage new growth, harmony and balance from within. If at any time the sound of the gong becomes too intense – do not worry.  Any discomfort felt has a purpose – as it will bring closure to an old emotion or event, as releasing them will bring personal growth.

When you are able to attend gong baths regularly, your intuition and third eye naturally strengthen, and this permits stronger connection with your higher self. Often, during a gong bath, visualisations enter the mind – albeit momentarily – like a quick glimpse of a photograph, but these flash shot images can provide insight into health conditions or emotional issues you may have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing.  Being able to relax, listen to the sounds of the gong and let go, is a powerful tool that can help you gain a deeper understanding and insight into yourself. 

Rachael Edgley conducting a gong bath

Chiron is truly a wondrous gong for personal transformation.

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