Pilates Pregnancy 4 Week Course






Pilates Pregnancy 4 Week Course 

Pregnancy Pilates helps to improve muscle strength and flexibility, allowing pregnant women to minimise back pain and to feel prepared for the physical demands of giving birth. It concentrates on posture, strength and mobility. The class caters for expectant mums in all trimesters and beginners to advanced clients are welcome.

The class is designed for women who would like to stay active, and may find that they are left being turned away from other forms of exercise. Unlike some classes, Pregnancy Pilates is safe, effective and will target the muscles you need pre (and post natal).

Class size is small to help create a ‘safe space’ to stay fit, and to help women prepare physically and emotionally for pregnancy and birth.

This course is run by Katy Ahrens STOTT Pilates Instructor, who has been practicing Pilates for 17 years, teaching for 8 years and is currently pregnant herself. 


4 week course on Thursday’s 12.30 – 13.30, 24th Jan – 14th Feb.

Investment £45.


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