Pilates creates balance, strength, flexibility, and stability. Keeping us strong and supple whatever our age, size or shape Pilates can be for you.  

The practise of Pilates allows for many of the postures to be easily adapted for those with special requirements.

As well as offering an opportunity for those who are perhaps training hard to really develop strength and flexibility. And work to find balance and health.

Pilates is suitable for people with:

  • Arthritis
  • Hyper mobility
  • Tight muscles and imbalances
  • Recovering from breaks and fractures
  • Scoliosis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Post Pregnancy (after your 12 week check)
  • Hip replacements
  • Back pain

    We look at the body holistically, how we stand, sit, move. The places we hold our tension, our movement patterns, where we lack fluidity and grace.


    • Pilates is practised on all planes of movement, standing, sitting, prone and supine
    • It employs mindful attention
    • Controlled breathing and focus
    • Graceful flowing movements
    • Awareness of our body in motion


    Fitness Pilates

    A strong and fun class with standing, seated and reclining practises. Use of equipment during class as an aid. We love to challenge ourselves in this class, setting our own personal limits. Beginners welcome if they are able to get up and down of the floor unaided. 

    Power Pilates

    A floor-based class with varied ability and accessible movements. Some equipment may be used. Beginners welcome if they are able to get up and down of the floor unaided. 

    Pilates – All Levels

    A floor-based class that is gentle and accessible. It is possible to do part of this class in a chair if required. Beginners welcome.

    In all of our Pilates classes no previous experience is necessary. Simply inform your teacher ahead of beginning the session of your needs. 

    Pregnancy – please inform the studio ahead of time should you be pregnant, this is assessed on a case by case basis to ensure we direct you to the right class.