Take time to notice the wonder of the natural world. 
Life can be sweet and wonderful and miraculous. 
Nature shows us how to be if we let her. 
Be kind, make space, be balanced. 
Rest now, take a pause, breathe, love, love some more. 
When the rain falls and the winds come, know that all things change, nothing is permanent. 
Rest, love, heal. 
There is beauty in all creation if we just stop long enough to see it. Even in a storm we can see the wonder of life. The courage and strength in the soul of this world we know as home. 
Rest now dear one. 
Rest, love, heal. 
Practise love. 
Love yourself. 
Love others. 
Love our home, this earth. 
Love each other. 
Their is no other, only love. 
Be kind. 
Nothing more is needed. 
Kindness, love, honesty. 
Let the light of love shine from your heart, to your eyes, to your lips and your voice. 
Let words of love pour forth. 
Let each action, each blessed step on this earth be a footprint of kindness and love. 
Be love. 
Be who you where born to be. 

Dawn Lister