Parent and Baby Yoga Course




Parent and Baby Yoga

Parents and Baby Yoga is an opportunity for mums and dad’s alike to practice yoga without the need for childcare. Being a parent can introduce aches and pains you never knew could exist! Yoga will help to loosen up those achy joints and strengthen the muscles you need to keep you upright after months of no sleep! The kiddies are welcome to play as we practice! There will be toys and laughter for everyone as the kids watch in wonder at their incredible yogi parents!

As we are all parents together, the children are watched by us all, especially Keira who is partial to a baby cuddle during practice! This is a safe space for parents to reconnect to themselves and hopefully make a friend or two in the process.

Note this class is intended for Parents with babies attending who are 0-9 months old

This is a 6 week course, £65 investment