New Beginners Yoga Course

15th Jan – 5 Feb 13:30 for 75 mins each session

Cost £65 for 4 weeks


Our 4-week Beginners Yoga course introduces new starters and those wishing to connect afresh to their yoga practice.

This course covers many of the popular yoga postures and safe alignment and explains the benefits they bring.

Please note this course requires you to be able to get up and down from the floor unaided.

image of a gong in Anahata Yoga Centre
image of a gong in Anahata Yoga Centre

What Happens During the Course?

You will learn to understand breath, relaxation and meditation techniques with the opportunity to ask lots of questions and be invited to enter into discussions about yoga.

Siouxzy (she/her) also explains the meaning of various yoga styles and terms used in yoga, and will cover basic history and philosophy.

You will finish up by being introduced to the various forms of yoga that we offer at Anahata Yoga Centre. In discussion with Siouxzy, this will help you choose which classes to try after the 4-Week course comes to an end.

Siouxzy is a yoga teacher who completed her training at Yogacampus, London. She is empathetic to many conditions and illnesses and can provide modifications for those who may require them.

About The Teacher

Yoga has always been a part of Siouxzy’s life. She watched her mum practice when she was a toddler, learnt about meditation in books as a teenager, and attended her first posture based yoga class in her early 20’s.

Stressed out in a busy office job, constantly ‘on edge’, and unable to relax, she began to practically explore meditation, as a way of finding peace. This became the beginning of her yogic path and led her to discover the other disciplines of yoga, including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and the niyamas and yamas (ethics and principles).

Through pregnancy, injury, back pain and stress, yoga helped Siouxzy find the balance, strength and support she needed.

Siouxzy felt passionate about sharing what yoga has to offer with others and therefore decided to start a 200 hours Teacher Training Diploma at Yogacampus, London and qualified in 2021. Her approach is to help you find a safe and accessible way to practice, in a peaceful and friendly environment, where you feel looked after.

Please note this workshop will be in studio at Anahata where we are limiting the numbers of participants to 13 following the pandemic. We have available cleanable mats and yoga equipment for you to use but encourage you to bring your own if you have it.

image of a gong in Anahata Yoga Centre