Monthly Goddess Circle

Fridays, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Suggested donation of between £5 to £10 (all proceeds after expenses will go to a local women’s charity).

As women we may struggle to find time for self care, nurturing, reflection and creativity. Our Goddess Circle circle is a sacred space where we welcome one another just as we are. Together we share and learn new ways to speak, listen and relate to others and experience the power of women communing. 

Sit with us and make time to relax, rejuvenate, restore. Make time to breathe.

Chelsea Green, Dawn Lister, Suzanne Morgan, Karen Revivo, Sarah Grattan, Jade West, Lorna Withers will each take it in turns to hold space for you, supported by each other.

How We Will Spend Our Time

The circle will evolve to rise to meet the needs of the woman who arrive.

But each month will include and opening and closing ritual, an opportunity to share or simply listen to the stories of your sisters.

Time to talk and enjoy the healing power of delicious food and healing drinks.

A short activity born from the heart of the host, which may include meditation, crafting, knowledge sharing, movement or other skills we as woman will benefit from.

You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, having had a chance to reconnect with your Inner Goddess, your Divine Feminine. 

Who This Event is For

Please feel free to invite any women or anyone who identifies as a woman you feel may benefit from our community, all are welcome from all ages and backgrounds. Young women are welcome once they have reached puberty and as a parent are your responsibility at the gathering until they are 18. 

SISTERHOOD is an experience, a way of being, an understanding, our undertaking, our remembering, our gift.

April’s Healing Ritual with Lorna Withers

My own first experience of acupuncture while living in Japan in the early 1990’s proved life changing . Treatment at the time produced very positive rapid results and I also had my first encounter with a holistic approach to health as well as life which both fascinated me and seemed to make perfect sense. At that point I decided to study privately with my japanese practitioner, Mariko, in order to investigate further and after 6 months of study I was hooked. I had found “it”…a vocation which to this day allows me to help people and is endlessly interesting and inspiring.  I returned to the UK to complete a 3 year training in acupuncture and have now been in private practice for 21 years.

In the last 6 years I have also trained in craniosacral therapy which, as an energetic practice works beautifully alongside acupuncture, or as a stand alone treatment, enabling me to treat babies and small children as well as adults…needles are not always that popular with the smaller people!!

Nowadays, I typically work with women in their 40’s and 50’s suffering the effects of overwhelming stress, sometimes to the point of burnout. Having identified the underlying causes I then use acupuncture and craniosacral therapy to re-energise them and re-establish balance for them so that they can reconnect with themselves and return to living calm, fulfilled lives again.

I am passionate about enabling women to live their best lives and having sat in women’s circles in recent years, I feel the unconditional support of other women plays an important part in this, allowing us to be heard and supported. It is a great honour therefore to have been asked to be part of the group of women holding space for other women at the Goddess Circle, in order that they may be heard, appreciated and empowered.

In the beginning of my journey as a holistic practitioner it was the theoretical framework of the Five Element school of Traditional Chinese Medicine which grabbed my attention. As women and human beings we are part of nature. It is all around us and within us and we are dependant upon it for everything. The rules of the checks and balances of nature are what form the basis of the Five Element School and it is these rules which I will be sharing with you.

I am very much looking forward to introducing the individual elements and their corresponding characteristics (colour, sound, emotion, thought processes, seasons, smells, tastes) so that you will have a greater understanding of nature and your own constitution within it. We will then be able, together, to work out the best self care practises and lifestyle choices which will honour your individuality and promote the best health and life for you.

Lorna Withers photograph