Practise Mindfulness on a Half Day Silent Retreat at Anahata Yoga Centre, Leigh-on-Sea

Sunday 19th April 2020, 1:00pm-5:00pm, £30 per person

An opportunity to deepen your practise of mindfulness, explore the powerful effects of silence, practise various meditations within the container of silence. Practises include mindfulness of the breath, body scan, eating meditation, compassion meditation ending with an enquiry into our afternoon’s practise.

What Happens During This Silent Retreat

We will be exploring self compassion practises within the container of mindful awareness.

  • Arrival and gentle introduction into an afternoon of silence and process of enquiry
  • Practise of various sitting, moving, eating, and prone meditations. 
  • Plenty of space around the meditations with time to reflect, be still and or journal. 
  • Spoken and shared enquiry for those who wish to discuss their experience of practising in silence. What was thrown up for you, what felt comfortable or uncomfortable, what you learnt, how the container of silence enhanced the experience of the meditations. 

All practises are led by Dawn Lister and are voice led.  With periods of silence before and after meditation practises. 

The event is for all people who have some experience of mindfulness. Those wishing to deepen their practise and explore deeply their relationship between thought and feelings.  To reveal the habitual patterns of thought and how it impacts on us. To create a stronger meditation practise. If you are considering a silent retreat of some length this is a great introduction to the practise of stillness and silence.

Dawn Lister meditating in a garden

About the Teacher

Dawn Lister has taught meditation for 25 years, has studied with several Buddhist traditions, and has lead numerous yoga and mindful meditation retreats and courses over the course of her long career. She is a reflective, light hearted and intuitive teacher, an eternal student who is passionate about sharing mindful meditation.