Mindfulness Introduction
– Recorded Course

4 Week Course.

Life time access to this course.

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Living and Practising Mindfulness in Challenging Times: A course for complete beginners, returners to practise or those who wish to deepen their mindfulness practise.

In challenging times the practise of mindfulness can be a lifeline to help us stay grounded, calm, and peaceful. Anyone can meditate, no special skills are required. Mindfulness helps with:

  • Stress reduction
  • Insomnia
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Non clinical depression
  • Healthier relationships
  • Productivity and creativity
  • Developing patience and tolerance
  • Chronic pain and long term health conditions
  • Developing resilience
  • Becoming more compassionate to ourselves and others
  • Letting things go
  • Regulation of emotions
  • Improved self esteem
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves memory and focus

Now more than ever before the ability to stay in the moment, not project, practise gratitude and compassion is a gift that we all can learn to embrace.  Levels of anxiety are higher for many people as life feels so uncertain.  The practise of mindfulness aids us in our ability to focus on the reality of the current situation with wisdom and gentleness. Learn healthy coping strategies and tools to help cope when you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad, fearful and lonely. Becoming mindful is one of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself and your loved ones. Mindful lives are fuller, happier, calmer, more peaceful and kind to those who live them and for those who live with us.

Join Dawn Lister a mindfulness teacher with 30 years experience as a mindfulness practitioner and 27 years as a teacher.  Dawn also teaches on the integrating mindfulness and compassion course for the esteemed Mindfulness UK teacher training course.  She runs yoga and meditation retreats in the UK and abroad and is working on her first book. Co-owner of Anahata Yoga Centre in Leigh on Sea and Owner of The Dawn Lister Therapy Centre. Dawn has spent her adult life working with mindfulness and compassion practises as a tool for developing inner peace, joy and contentment.

“To live mindfully, is to live fully, a mindful life is a gift to those you love, the wider community and the world.  A life lived in the present moment is a life that is rich is colour, honesty and love.”  Dawn Lister

About the Course: Living and Practising Mindfulness in Challenging Times

A course for complete beginners, returners to practise or those who wish to deepen their mindfulness practise.

A four week course designed to offer a simple and beautiful structure to introduce mindfulness as a practise in your life.

The course will include discussions, insights, readings, meditations, opportunities to ask questions and receive guidance.
The course will include mindfulness practises on a download for your use at home.

Week 1
What is mindfulness and how can i make it a part of my life. How it helps practically in my life and how it can improve my health, and why i should make the time to practise.

Week 2
Developing the mental muscle of mindfulness in day to day activities. Exploring our experiences of practise from week 1 and using the practise as a launch pad to develop a flexible and open mind.

Week 3
Practising Self Compassion. Learning to take care of ourselves in our day to day life, in both the inner and outer world can be a new experience.  Using mindfulness we will learn simple self soothing practises to nourish our spirit.

Week 4
Learning to use mindfulness to feel compassion for all beings. Seeing others as part of our community, letting go of the idea of us and them, engenders a deeper sense of connection and kindness, which in turn helps us to feel calm and peaceful.  Using our mindfulness skills we will look at simple practises to help us to develop a mind full of compassion for all beings. Thus improving our mindset, life and moment to moment experience.

Please note that the course date on our system allows you to book the course, but once you have the course material, you may start the course at your convenience. This is not a streamed or in studio session. Recordings are sent out weekly, but should you require it earlier, please email

About the Teacher

Dawn Lister has taught meditation for 25 years, has studied with several Buddhist traditions, and has lead numerous yoga and mindful meditation retreats and courses over the course of her long career. She is a reflective, light hearted and intuitive teacher, an eternal student who is passionate about sharing mindful meditation.

Anahata Yoga Centre offers a safe space for all,  including the LGBT+ community. We open our doors with a warm welcome and understanding of the diverse needs of us as individuals.

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Dawn Lister (She/Her)

Founder, Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness

Dawn Lister is a Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Retreat Leader and Cranial Sacral Therapist. She has taught for 28 years and is passionate about encouraging people to live intentionally and with compassion. 


  • CPCAB Level 4
  • CST 11 Cranial Sacral Therapy Upledger
  • IYN (T)

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