Mindfulness For Challenging Times, Southend-on-Sea

12.30pm-2.30pm, £20 until 1st May (£25 thereafter)

Life has many challenges. Living with other humans, work, health, financial concerns, anxiety about the global situation, our own personal history all can feel like insurmountable problems that create feelings of anxiety, fear, self loathing, anger, sadness. Book at the bottom of this page!

When our mind is in turmoil our body responds as if we where in genuine danger, our fight and flight response kicks in and we find ourselves with a racing heart, high blood pressure, we may have trouble sleeping or our energy may hit the deck. 

Mindfulness practises offer us simple and accessible ways to develop a mind that is calm, peaceful, content, kind, tolerant and wise.  

Join Dawn on this workshop that will explore methods you can take away and use straight away to see lasting change in your experience day to day. 

Have better health, relationships, sleep better, work more efficiently, find joy in simple moments.  

people meditating in a circle

About the Teacher

Dawn Lister is a cranial sacral therapist, yoga and pilates teacher, mindfulness teacher and teacher trainer, retreat leader, and mentor.  

Owner of Dawn Lister Therapy Centre in Leigh On Sea and Co Owner of Anahata Yoga Studio also in Leigh, and consultant tutor for Mindfulness UK. 

She specialises in working with people who are struggling with poor mental health through the practise of Yoga and Mindfulness. 

photograph of Dawn Lister

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