Mindfulness 4 Week Course




Mindfulness 4 Week Course

Learn to be mindful.

Mindfulness is a word we hear so often in relation to how we approach life. Whether it be how we eat, how we work, how we engage with each others, mindfulness enhances everything we do.

By learning how to pause, breath, and be aware we can improve every experience we have. No special skills are needed, and no you never have to empty your mind.

This four week course covers the basics in a friendly and relaxed environment, we learn several simple meditation practices you can take away and immediately apply:

• Mindfulness of the breath.
• Letting go.
• Learning to sit in the pause.
• Developing compassion.

This four week course is open to beginners with no experience, or those wishing to deepen their understanding and awareness of this life enhancing practise.

Dawn Lister has taught meditation for 25 years, has studied with several Buddhist traditions, and has lead many mindful retreats and courses over the course of her long career. She is a reflective, light hearted and intuitive teacher, an eternal student who is passionate about sharing mindful meditation.

Investment £75

* * * If booking for more than one person, please ask your companion to book for themselves as this is how the system works or call us on 01702 471744. Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster, thank you. * * *