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I am Strong, I am Flexible, I am Powerful

Times of our lives can be truly challenging, I have experienced moments when I truly thought I could combust.  With three teenage daughters I am regularly tested, and tormented. But I have truly found mindfulness has not only calmed me down but taught me to be calmer and more patient.  

Here is a practise I use at least once a day, and many times a day when things are a little tense.

  • Stand with your feet apart
  • Feel rooted and grounded, imagine you are like an old strong oak tree with your roots reaching down into the ground.
  • Feel and notice what is under your feet.  The carpet, wood floor, garden, pavement, just feel it and how it actually supports you and helps you to be here in this spot
  • Feel your body as you consciously take in a breath, notice where the breath moves into your body, your belly, your chest, your back, your head
  • Notice how your body moves to the breath enters you, the gentle expansion and contraction of the inhale and exhale
  • Notice how despite moving with your breath your remain rooted to the floor, strong, yet flexible enough to move as your breath gently creates an inner expansion
  • As you breath out visualize any negative feelings our thoughts being blown away gently like a thick black smoke.  

Do this simple practise for as many slow as steady breaths as you wish. The more you use this practise the stronger your root system of mindful strength and stability will grow creating a deeper stability in all of your interactions with others. 

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