used coffee cups with banner saying 'being present with the dishes: a mindfulness series by Dawn Lister'

Weirdly to some people, I enjoy washing dishes.  I love the process of feeling the water on my hands and making my china clean and shiny.  Partly as I have a major tea and coffee cup obsession and don’t trust the dishwasher to do such a good job. So, for me this is one of my most favourite informal practises.

Tips for Being Present While Doing the Dishes

  • Take a second to take a slow deep breath.
  • Listen to the water running into the basin, the sound changes as the water gets deeper.
  • Smell the fragrance of the washing up liquid as the water creates bubbles.
  • Feel the temperature of the water against your hands as you begin to slowly dip, scrub, rinse and place the dishes.
  • Notice all the different patterns and or textures of the china, cutlery, glassware, and pans.
  • Drink in fully the moment as if you could slow it down by being with it, a moment in time that you can enjoy just doing a simple methodical task that is yours to enjoy.

If doing dishes is something you usually resent, practise instead dedicating the washing of the dishes to your family, your wellbeing, your gift to those you have enjoyed a meal with.  Or if you tend to cook for yourself, practise gratitude for the kitchen you have to cook in and the dishes you have to eat from and running water that miraculously arrives from the tap.

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