The time it takes to get from your home to your place of work can become a valuable part of your mindfulness practise. Not a chore, but a useful, joyful part of the day.

Rather than a trudge, the time spent travelling could become a valuable tool to develop your mindful muscle and set you up for the day ahead.

As you leave your home and begin your journey, set an intention to be present on your journey, taking time to notice all the simple things you walk or drive past each day.

* Notice the road you walk down, the trees which line the streets, the gardens and plants which change with the season, weather and time of day.
* Notice the sound of your footfall as you walk, the pace, the rhythm, the feeling of the camber underfoot, hard concrete, soft grass, uneven, even, uphill, downhill take time to really feel and be with the with the environment.
* Become aware of the feeling of the air on your skin, is it cool, hot, warm, damp, how do you feel as you make your way from your safe nurturing home to your place of work.
* Notice the people you walk past, have you seen them before, do you usually smile and nod? If not perhaps today let your heart extend with kindness to each person you pass by all on their own personal journey. Or pick out one person and direct loving kindness in their direction.
* If you take a train journey, take some time on the journey to be in your environment, notice what is happening outside the window, the changing view as your move past fields and buildings, stations and eventually your destination. Don’t get lost in a daydream just stay with what is there, right then.
* Each time the train pauses in a station or each time you stop on a pavement to cross or let a person by, take that moment to draw in a deep breath and truly be in the moment.
* As you end your commute, pause at your desk or at your place of work before you begin and take three full breaths to ground and prepare you for the next moment.

It is possible to just pick one element of this and such as the mindful walk to the station or the breath at each STOP moment. As a simple mindfulness practise.


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