Does the idea of saying, “No.” And putting your needs first bring you out in a cold sweat.  Make you feel a bit uncomfortable? Squirm in your seat?  Do you feel as if people who put themselves first are selfish? 

The opposite is actually true, #MeFirst instead is not only empowering for you. But also for everyone you engage with, they are given the gift of being with someone who is present, centred and compassionate.  
We learn by watching and experiencing, so when we show others its ok to say no to things that are going to take away from our peace and wellbeing.  And yes to things that make our hearts sing.

If you are squirming in your seat right now or are aware you are a victim of being the one who just loads themselves up at the expense of their quality of life then read on and see how you can turn it around and make simple changes which will enrich and empower you from the moment you implement these changes. 

Ask Yourself

  •  In what ways are you denying yourself what you need? 
  • What do you forgo for yourself which you wouldn’t dream of asking another person to? 
  • What do you do that diminishes your light, your happiness, your joy? 
  • What are you smothering to make yourself more palatable for others? What is the cost? 
  • What is lost to you when you fail to show up for yourself? 
  • When was the last time you felt you had the balance right, time for you, time for those you love, time to make a contribution, time for creativity? 
  • How do you feel in your gut when I suggest you put yourself first?
  • Can you find a special place for yourself in your heart that means before you say, “Yes sure, I can do that,” you pause and think about what saying yes would mean for you? 
  • Where did I learn that others needs are more important than me? Do I believe that? 
  • What exactly does self love mean to me? 
  • What is the story I tell myself about people who care for themselves? Do I think I am better than they are because I don’t put myself at the top of the list?

Myth Busting

Self care doesn’t mean others aren’t important. 
It doesn’t mean I don’t show up for work or take care of my family. It doesn’t mean Im not there for my friends if they need me.  
It doesn’t mean I eat and drink whatever I want at any time. 
It doesn’t mean I don’t make plans for the future. 
It doesn’t mean I am a selfish cow!

What it does mean…

I realise I am just as important as everyone else. 
It means that I look after myself well enough so I can give my family the support and love they need, from a full cup of energy, love, self awareness and wisdom. 
I mirror to my friends how to really take care of themselves by taking care of myself.  This is the greatest gift I can offer. 
I look after myself in all ways including balance around my diet, and health. 
I ensure that my future is well planned for as I love and care for my future self. 
It means I care enough about myself that I ensure the life I am living now as much as possible is enriching, honest to my needs and fills me with joy.  
That I leave enough space and time to manage and deal with the natural challenges that life will bring. Personal, financial, health, relationships. 

Because let’s be frank life sometimes sucks, it can feel like you are dragging yourself through mud, uphill, with a heavy weight on your shoulders. The people we love have challenges that feel overwhelming and distressing.  Things can take a sudden turn that means the life you thought you had or where planning is thrown up in the air. 
If we have lived our life without due care and attention to our wellbeing then when trials and challenges hit we have no reserves to deal with them.  We are spent, empty, drinking from an empty cup with nothing to draw upon. 

MeFirst is our survival kit. 

MeFirst is the warrior who stands up and says ENOUGH, it’s time for me to take care of me.  
I too am important, I too am valuable, I too have needs and wants, I too deserve respect, time, fun, to be heard, to be loved, to be given space to breathe and thrive. 

MeFirst is the stand we take against overwork, disrespect, manning up, pulling yourself together, and the culture of putting up with behaviour and habits which are destroying mental and physical wellbeing.  

MeFirst is not self absorbed, is not selfish, is not self indulgent, is not lazy, is not weakness.  
Me First instead is powerful, life changing, relationship enhancing, the way to a life with balance, health, joy and creativity. 

Join us on Facebook and Instagram in our #MeFirst 12 day campaign beginning 2nd February and ending 14th February on Valentines Day.  Fall in love with yourself.  With your life.  With your wellbeing.  With your right to live a full life with purpose, creativity and community.

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