Meet the Anahata Team

black and white photograph of Dawn Lister

Dawn Lister

Founder, Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness

Dawn Lister is a yoga, pilates and mindfulness teacher with 25 years experience.  A body worker who utilises her extensive experience of massage, myofascial, cranial sacral therapy in all her treatments. Dawn has run her own mindfulness business for over 20 years, with an emphasis on working on realising your full potential.  Retreats, workshops, classes, 1-1’s, writing, meditation courses, author of the highly successful “Awakened Being Course”. She is owner of The Dawn Lister Therapy Centre based in Leigh On Sea.

black and white portrait of Daniel Groom

Daniel Groom

Founder, Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness

Daniel Groom is a talented and experienced yoga teacher and C-IAYT and CNHC registered yoga therapist, who has been practising a wide range of yoga styles since the year 2000. He has studied Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with leading experts and has had first -hand experience of the supportive nature of these practices. Daniel’s mindful approach is caring, authentic and inclusive. He has great passion in sharing his knowledge with students and believes whole heartedly Yoga can help people to achieve their ultimate life desires.

He also offers support mentoring new and established Yoga Teachers and is a Supervisor on the Yoga Campus Yoga Therapy Diploma. Daniel is dedicated to continuing his studies with mentor Lisa Kaley Isley.

Keira May Sussex black and white portrait

Keira May Sussex

Yoga Teacher

For the past ten years Keira has worked with children, first as one on one help for children with varying disabilities, then as a parent and now as a yoga teacher and therapist for kids and adults alike.

She fell in love with the practice, the meditation and the time it gave for herself. Yoga is a gateway to reconnecting the mind to the body and as she depended on her practice she found herself begin to relax and shake off some of her tensions and anxieties.

As a yoga teacher she aims to bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to everyone. No matter your age, size, flexibility or strength, there is a way we can all practice yoga.

black and white portrait of Emily Morris

Emily Morris

Yoga and Pilates Teacher

Emily’s constantly evolving Yoga and Pilates offers an authentic, innovative and well-rounded class. Her main passion is fusing Ayurvedic philosophies with her teaching offering a balanced energy, honouring nature, the seasons and each persons’ unique mind-body type. Her mindful vinyasa flow to gentle beginners’ yoga or pilates classes are fun and creative, a welcoming and safe space for all.

Coming from a creative background, Emily loves visiting inspiring places such as art galleries or travelling and immersing herself in other cultures. You will often find her head in a book researching the fascinating worlds of yoga and Ayurveda.

black and white photograph of Paula Restarick

Paula Restarick

Yoga Teacher

Paula is passionately committed and dedicated to helping others and believes that Yoga is accessible and beneficial to everyone. She believes when Yoga is practiced regularly, we open opportunities to enhance our mental health, physical wellness and spiritual growth.

Paula is an experienced holistic health practitioner, natural beauty specialist, Ayurveda Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Level 4 Tutor/Assessor; as well as Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Her intuitive work centres around using spiritual tools to create a process of home coming to the authentic self. With a holistic healing approach and spiritual thread, she brings to her teachings over 35 years of professional knowledge, experience and insight from her daily Sadhana practice.

Her classes and workshops offer a depth of knowledge and experience. Weaving elements of Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa styles Paula blends the practice using her creative and intuitive knowledge. Her foundation practice being in Hatha Yoga, Paula is also a Yoga Nidra Teacher, trained with the Satyanada School of Yoga and is a student of Sarah Powers where she developed her Yin Yoga practice.

Having recently moved to Leigh-on-Sea Paula is spending time getting to know the area and enjoying life by the sea.

black and white portrait of Lauren Harrington

Lauren Harrington

Pilates and Yoga Teacher

Lauren is a qualified STOTT Pilates and Yoga teacher and Personal Trainer.  She fell in love with yoga and Pilates whilst travelling.

Lauren believes that both Pilates and Yoga are a flow of functional movements with full guidance and attention of the breath throughout. The breath acts as an anchor which emphasises core engagement to build strength, and enable smooth transitions from pose to pose,  promoting flexibility and grace. Lauren enjoys making Malas, meditation jewellery in her spare time. She is a also a keen traveller, happiest in her campervan with her husband, 4 year old daughter Emmie and dog Jango, surfing, hiking and having adventures.  

black and white portrait of Melanie Eveleigh

Melanie Eveleigh

Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Massage Therapist

Melanie delivers a class focused on developing muscular strength combined with flexibility.

She uses her in-depth knowledge of physiology and anatomy gained from her history in Swimming, Fitness and Sports Massage to create a class that will both challenge you and specifically support abdominal strength.

Melanie advocates the need to combine fitness, strength and flexibility within all her classes.  She encompass all the key principles of Pilates ensuring every class targets both the upper and lower limbs in addition to core strength for those wanting to use Pilates to sculpt and tone their bodies helping create longer leaner muscles.

In addition to teaching Melanie enjoys long walks (or a bike ride) along the seafront, she also enjoys swimming with an occasional dip in the sea in the summer.

black and white portrait of Charlie Nunn

Charlie Nunn

Pilates Teacher

Charlie Nunn was first introduced to Pilates after suffering terrible back pain. She fell in love with the practice and how it could help heal others as it had for her.

Charlie, loves hearing how Pilates has helped her students regain strength and confidence in their daily tasks. Strength, awareness, fun, and flexibility is at the heart of her teaching and she encourages all her clients to empower themselves to be the best they can through movement.

Charlie is a mum, wife, hippy at heart and her one of her favourite things is to travel the world.

black and white portrait of Terri Walford

Terri Walford

Yoga Teacher

Terri Walford considers herself a perpetual student of life and yoga. She is continually expanding her knowledge by training with teachers who continue to inspire and educate her.

She has a strong regular personal practise and brings a sense of fun, adventure and freedom to her classes, her class invites you to experience the joy of exploring and challenging your personal limitations, digging deep into your inner reserves and resources. She strongly believes yoga helps you to achieve a happier healthier life by increasing the circulation of vital life energy throughout the whole body, mind & spirit.

She is also a sometimes-reluctant runner, is immensely proud of having conquered the three peaks and adores her beautiful family.

black and white portrait of Katy Ahrens

Katy Ahrens

Pilates Teacher

Katy has been practicing Pilates for 17 years and teaching since 2010. She trained as a dancer and musical theatre performer and it was her ballet training that first introduced her to Pilates, and she has loved it ever since. STOTT PILATES was recommended and she began her training at The YMCA, Tottenham Court Road, London. Katy is a fully certified STOTT PILATES Instructor (certified in Mat work, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels) and also trained in Pre and Post Natal Mat work, Active Ageing and Breast Cancer Rehab. Her classes are relaxed yet energising and she creates a fun environment to achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s a group class or individual. Katy aspires to make people feel energised whether that be through gaining flexibility or through strength. After teaching at some amazing studios all over London, including OneKX (Stott Pilates training Centre), Katy has now moved back to Chalkwell. She is loving living by the sea and can often be found (with a scooting toddler in tow) down by Chalkwell Beach.

black and white portrait of Kate Lee

Kate Lee


Kate joined the Anahata team in April 2019.  Kate moved to Leigh on Sea 6 years ago and has been a stay-at-home Mum to her three children after 20 years in the city as a PA/Administrator. She is loving being part of the team and certainly prefers the beautiful studio surroundings.