Mandalas and Mindfulness Workshop at Anahata Yoga Centre, Leigh-on-Sea

27th October 2019, 11:30am-2:30pm, £35

Join us for a day of de-stressing and creativity with Dawn and Angelique. Come alone or bring a friend! Delicious snacks will be provided.

Mindfulness with Dawn

Dawn Lister is a co-founder of the Anahata Yoga Centre, a mindfulness teacher with 27 years experience in both teaching and practising.

Painting Mandalas with Angelique

Learn to paint mandalas with Angelique, from Love Dotting Mandala Workshops. Here’s Angelique’s story:

I’ve always loved looking at pictures of dot mandalas and find them so colourful and beautiful, so I decided to teach myself, which took some time.  I could not believe how absorbing and mindful dot painting was and how much time I lost, I also realised how relaxed and de-stressed I felt afterwards and how my energy had increased.  I sat there thinking how much this would help other people and how much we all need this in our lives now, with society and our lives being so busy and stressful, and voila my business was born.

Modern day mandalas are an abstract design that are often circular and contain geometrical and symmetrical forms.

Since early man however, the circle has had much meaning; they saw circles such as the sun, moon, fruits, flowers, bird nests etc.  The circle is the most natural form known to mankind and since early man became symbolic of life, and the universe.  The word mandala in Indian (Sanskrit) means ‘Circle’, mandalas go back in history to first century B.C and before, and can be fund in all parts of the world in many cultures and religions i.e. Buddhism, Hindus, Tibetans and Native American Indians and used in prayer, meditation and for healing

Why attend this workshop?

  • Stress reduction 
  • Take a break from your hectic routine
  • Helps you to meditate and clear your mind
  • A form of exercise for your brain
  • Stimulates your creativity

In this 2 hour workshop, you will create your own Mandala masterpiece in a small group, teaching environment and will learn how to use the tools, the techniques, and paint consistency, paints to use and then apply and create your own artwork on a cobble stone. You get to create something aesthetically pleasing while you immerse yourself in the therapeutic effects of dot painting. In the meanwhile, you can treat this as a break from your daily hectic routine and relax and have some fun learning a new craft.