Mala Making and Mantra Workshop for the Heart, Southend-on-Sea

14th March 2020, 1:00pm-5:00pm, £40 per person (£35 when booked before 31st January 2020)

In this workshop, we will explore our personal connection to the heart.

We will make a simple Mala related to the heart chakra, Anahata, using scared rudraksha seeds and semi-precious gemstones. Following an exploration of Mantra, we will use our self-created Malas to chant together.

No previous experience of chanting or Mala making is necessary for attendance at this workshop.

What Happens in this Mala and Mantra Workshop

Mala creation

We will be making a 54 bead half mala to use for meditation. You will learn how to knot, thread, and finish your mala with your chosen semi-precious gemstones and coloured threads, making your creation personal to you. We will be using sacred rudraksha seed beads and gemstones that relate to the heart chakra, and discuss the meanings and benefits of these beautiful beads.

4 malas


Mantra is the creative projection of the mind through sound (man = mind, tran = wave). Everything in the universe is vibrating energy. Beautifully, at a certain point, sound vibrations turn to light. The universe is based on sound and vibration. When we chant a Mantra we are invoking the positive power contained within the particular syllables we chant.

The science of Naad works with the movement of the tongue in the mouth. As the tongue hits upon the 84 median points in the hard palate of the roof of the mouth, different chemical liquids are secreted from different parts of the brain, transmitting messages.

These messages facilitate an embodiment of our original, true selves and connect the finite with the infinite.

In this workshop we will be particularly working with Mantras connected to the heart centre. We will use the Malas we have made to chant together, allowing our voices to vibrate our hearts.

This event is for anyone who enjoys exploring spirituality through creativity, and for whom Malas, chanting and Mantra are of interest. You will come away with a self-created Mala and Mantras for opening and expanding the heart. You will also take away with you a deepened understanding of the use and benefits of the Mala and of the science and technology of the yoga of sound.

About the Teachers

Doctor Nicole Schnackenberg

Nicole is a Child, Community and Educational Psychologist, certified in both Hatha and Kundalini yoga. She is an author and editor of various books and articles in the areas of yoga, meditation and mental health.

Nicole is a Director of the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance (YiHA) and of the Give Back Yoga Foundation UK. She is a facilitator of the Eat Breathe Thrive yoga programme for food and body image struggles and a trustee of the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation.

Nicole has her own Moving Mantra YouTube channel. She has facilitated various Mantra-infused workshops and retreats in the UK and overseas.

photograph of Doctor Nicole Schnackenberg

Lauren Harrington, Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Lauren always enjoyed making jewellery and has had a passion for gemstones since she was younger. As Lauren began her yoga teacher training journey, it introduced Japa meditation (use of Mala). Her love of malas began from here. Once Lauren started practising Japa mediation, she decided to learn and create her own sacred mala made from gemstones. At first learning via a tutorial online, then investing time in a full workshop dedicated to the making and care of Mala. In the past 2 years Lauren has been making malas for friends and family and absolutely love sharing this passion with others.

photograph of Lauren Harrington