Chloe Jane Prince is a Food Freedom Coach, helping people heal from disordered eating, low body confidence and so much more. Chloe herself struggled with anorexia, disordered eating and body dysmorphia after suffering sexual abuse aged 11.

In this podcast episode we talk about intuitive eating, the obsession surrounding diet culture and BMI as well as Chloe’s personal journey, experiences and her approach to her recovery.

After years of struggling through inpatient stays, dietetic support and endless counselling, Chloe began to wonder whether recovery was actually possible. Until she found coaching, yoga and meditation and with it a new approach to recovery, one where you are taught to come back to your body and yourself and has never looked back.

She then went on to certify as a Nutritionist, Life Coach specialising in Disordered Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach so that she could help others heal too. And that is exactly what she now does within her coaching and online courses. Instead of ‘fixing the food’ she works to help people re-learn how to feel, to listen to their body, eat intuitively and heal trauma so they can live a life they love.

She believes that diet culture and fat phobia are so engrained in the world we live in, and it has led us to be increasingly disconnected from ourselves and our bodies. What we eat, what we do and how we move is so often influenced by the shoulds and shame of diet culture and fat phobia rather than listening to the wisdom that exists within our bodies.

If you want to lean in to doing the inner work to help you heal from disordered eating, then Chloe has a four-week online Food Freedom Breakthrough Programme to help you learn to come back to your body, heal your limiting beliefs, find your identity and be your own medicine:

Chloe also has a free private Facebook group she serves called The Food Freedom Tribe:

You can also find Chloe on Instagram here:

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