We all love the great bits. Connecting with friends from across the globe. Hearing good news. Reaching out to support those we love.
But as we are all learning, too much time spent on social media can have a negative effect on our mental health.

Top tips for healthy social media usage…

1) Set a time you are happy to spend on your device and stick to it.
2) Delete apps from phone and visit only on your computer or laptop.
3) Do a sense check before you go on and after your screen time. How do I feel, am a calm, peaceful, compassionate, do I feel better after my time on the screen or agitated angry stressed? Take time to really notice the impact on your life and wellbeing. knowledge is power.
4) Have a day off every week.
5) Leave your device out of the bedroom. Always!
6) Getting drawn into an online argument? Pause. Walk away. Do something entirely different then ask yourself do i need to respond? What is responding doing for me?
7) Make a commitment to do as much exercise daily as you are spending on a screen.
Social media can be a force for good if you set yourself healthy boundaries and remember that the offline world is pretty damn awesome.

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