Balancing Your Hormones with Chelsea Green

Are you fed up of your hormones? Are you suffering with…

Mood swings?
Heavy periods, no periods, painful periods?
Weight gain?
Hot flushes?
Perimenopause or menopausal?
Tiredness, exhaustion, sleep disturbances?
Low libido?

You may be on medication, thinking of taking medication, or trying to avoid it all together? Perhaps you are feeling frustrated or unheard? You may have been to your local GP and left feeling none the wiser? Perhaps you have read lots of conflicting information or tried various supplements?

Whatever you feel, you are not alone. Our new and exciting “Balancing Your Hormones” programme is designed to bring women from all walks of life together in a supporting and educational environment.

Hormonal disturbances are not something we just have to put up with. Nor are they something that should be routinely medicated. Hormonal balance is something we can achieve with the right diet and lifestyle. That is exactly what you will learn on this programme.

If you are ready to take control of your own health journey, this programme is perfect for you. By empowering yourself with the understanding of how hormones work and what can cause imbalance, you have the ability to prevent dis-ease. Not only will you experience hormonal harmony, but your overall health and vitality will be vastly improved too.

Led by Chelsea Green, registered homeopath and certified hormone specialist, you will be given the tools and information you need to help create hormone balance naturally. Every session will be supported by guest experts in yoga, meditation, nutrition and women specific exercise – this is bound to be a fun, yet information programme.

Here is our programme timetable, consisting of six sessions taking place on a monthly basis…

Session 1 – Friday 22nd February, 7:30pm
Balancing Your Hormones
Introduction to the endocrine system, the key hormones and the keys to hormone balancing, looking at why it is important to understand hormones.
Guest Activity:Yoga To Support A Women’s Cycle, run by Dawn Lister

Session 2 – Friday 22nd March, 7:30pm
Eating for Balanced Hormones
The importance of an anti-inflammatory diet, good fats and protein, where to source carbohydrates, introducing adoptogen herbs and how to meal plan.
Guest Activity: Food sampling run by Diana Herve

Session 3 – Friday 26th April, 7:30pm
Stress and the Effect on Hormones
What is stress and why do we have it, the effect of stress on the hormones, how can we reduce it.
Guest Activity: Alexander Technique in Motion run by Kirstie Richardson

Session 4 – Friday 24th May, 7:30pm
The Power of Sleep
Introduction to the circadian rhythm cycle, how sleep cycles work, why sleep is important, how to improve the quality of sleep.
Guest Activity: Yoga Nidra run by Daniel Groom

Session 5 – Friday 28th June, 7:30pm
Mindset and our Environment
The importance of exercise, reducing toxic exposure, dealing with trauma, spiritual fulfilment.
Guest Activity: Exercise for Women run by Cassie Massey

Session 6 – Friday 26th July, 7:30pm
Celebration of Women
Importance of mindset, what to do when things go wrong, where to turn to for help.
Guest Activity: TBA

‘Balancing Your Hormones’, six sessions for £180. Sessions are available to book individually for a fee of £35 each.

*** If you want to sign up for the full package of 6 sessions, click Sign Up below and choose the full package option. Remember you will need to sign up for each individual session too but you will only pay once.***