Nikki Nicholas has been a yoga practitioner for 25 years and teacher for 10. With a grounding in personal training and Pilates, Nikki offers a practice for strength and function. Like her original training in Hatha, her classes offer a balanced approach, as she believes that the mat is not a place to struggle and strain (the world will give you that any time) but a place for ‘sukha’, or ‘bliss’. In the words of Scaravelli, “yoga should be an agreeable appointment with your body.”

Why not join in with Nikki’s upcoming hatha yoga class at Anahata Yoga Centre, Leigh-on-Sea? Her class runs on Thursdays, 10.45am-12:00pm, from the first week of September 2019. Book using the MindBody app or the timetable on our website. It’s available to members as part of your class pass, and through community membership (learn about both here!). Not a member of Anahata? You can join this class as a drop in (email

Hatha Yoga with Nikki Class Structure

  • Welcome
  • Seated meditation
  • Joint warm up and sun salute preparation
  • Sun/moon/spine salutations
  • Standing posture
  • Seated posture
  • Relaxation.

Nikki’s Skills & Qualities as a Yoga Teacher

  • Over 20 years working in health and fitness
  • Low back pain and pelvic floor qualification
  • Experienced in working with many different abilities
  • Allows students to practice at their own pace
  • Offers a multitude of modifications or alternatives so each students gets the maximum benefit from their class
  • ‘Can-do’ attitude towards students
  • Empathetic approach
  • Encourages students with impairments to focus on and improve what they can do – rather than what they can’t.
  • Sense of humour
  • Passion for delivering yoga for any body regardless of age, experience, ability
  • Sympathetic use of equipment to enhance your practice

We hope to see you on Thursday!