There is so much beauty in the world but our busyness often gets in the way of noticing some of the spectacular joyful world we inhabit…

beach picture with banner reading 'Exquisite Nature A mindfulness blog series by Dawn Lister'

Pause for a second and take in a view, the delicate petals and colours of a flower, the scent, the miracle that is there at all despite all of the hardships it overcomes to just bloom. Breathe it in, all of it, the beauty, the scent, the pure joy of it all.

Notice a spider web, hanging on a garden fence, like a simple fairy hammock. Notice the water droplets which hang glistening from those delicate strands, appearing so fragile and yet in truth strong enough to hold an insect in its grasp. Take a second to watch how it changes as the light catches it in a different way, breathe in the beauty of this magical creation.

Look up, what do you see? A cloud? A clear blue sky? A bird or flock of birds swooping in the expanse above you. See how vast it is. Feel the spaciousness of the sky above you. If you linger for a little longer you will notice how the view has already changed, the clouds have moved a little, or darkened more, the birds are in a different formation or have flown off, theirs an aeroplane now, and then its gone. The sky however has remained the same, vast, expansive, endless.

Look for the beauty in all things, nature is forever offering up moments of wonder for us to engage in simple mindful practises.


Dawn X


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