Yoga for Menstrual Cycles with Dawn Lister, Daniel Groom and special guest Julia Davis.

In this episode we hold conversation with Julia Davis where we discussed menstruation and why it’s so important it is discussed more within the yoga community and within our practice. We talk about how Yoga can be a truly transformative tool to support menstrual cycles and what might need to change in the Yoga world to enhance greater support and understanding.
We also discussed the need for community in the Yoga Teaching World and her passion for bringing yoga teachers together to learn, share and support each other much more.
About Julia Davis…
Founder of Yoga Teachers Forum and her area of specialisation as a yoga teacher is supporting the journey from first bleed (menarche) through fertility, menstrual issues, perimenopause & beyond.  She also runs a local studio Finchley Yoga
Connect with Julia Davis, Yoga Teachers Forum & Finchley Yoga @yogateachersforum